What’s the Best Outdoor Watch?

Outdoor watchOutdoor watches are very popular because of their great styling, convenience, comfort, and wide range of uses. Outdoor wristwatches are designed and constructed to resist damages that result from outdoor activities. Almost all outdoor watches feature the functions that backpackers, climbers and hikers use along with their standard time keeping feature. However, not all outdoor wrist watches are the same and they vary on display, user interface, custom features, and price.

So, what is the best outdoor watch? There’s no such thing as the best of the best outdoor wristwatch as wristwatches have different features that meet the specific needs of people. However, you can tell the different between a good outdoor watch than the better one through display. Five of the best outdoor watches are Suunto Core Watch, Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER Watch, Suunto Ambit, Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1, and Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch. These outdoor watches have nice graphics, but not all of them have the same brightness. The best outdoor watch is the one that shows time efficiently in low light situations or in the dark.

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Ultimate Adventure Watch Guide

*ABC = Altimeter, Barometer, Compass
PictureWatch ModelGPSABCThermWaterPrice
Suunto Ambit2 GPS WatchSuunto Ambit2 GPS WatchYesYesYes100m$500.00
Tissot T-Touch Expert WatchTissot T-Touch Expert WatchNoYesYes100 m$995
Casio PRW2500R-1 Triple Sensor Altimeter WatchCasio PRW2500R-1 Triple Sensor Altimeter WatchYesYesYes200m$250.00
Garmin FenixGarmin FenixYesYesNo50m$399.99
Casio Pathfinder PAW2000 Altimeter WatchCasio Pathfinder PAW2000 Altimeter WatchNoYesYesYes$341.95
Nixon 51-30 Watch - Men'sNixon 51-30 Watch - Men'sNoNoNo300m$499.95
Freestyle USA Shark Classic Sport WatchFreestyle USA Shark Classic Sport WatchNoNoNo100m$59.95
Suunto Ambit2 S GPS Heart Rate MonitorSuunto Ambit2 S GPS Heart Rate MonitorYesYesNo50m$400.00
Suunto Core Crush Altimeter WatchSuunto Core Crush Altimeter WatchNoYesNo30m$299.99
G-Shock GW6900 Solar WatchG-Shock GW6900 Solar WatchNoNoNo200m$129.95
Luminox Navy Seal Colormark Chronograph 3080 Series WatchLuminox Navy Seal Colormark Chronograph 3081 Series WatchNoNoNo200m$500.00
Timex Expedition E-Tide WatchTimex Expedition E-Tide-Temp-Compass Expedition WatchNo*CompNo100m$169.95
Luminox Recon Series NAV SPC WatchLuminox Recon Series NAV SPC WatchNo*CompNo200m$450.00
Vestal Guide Multifunction Watch - Men'sVestal Guide Multifunction Watch - Men'sNoYesNo100m$400.00

Types of Outdoor Watches

Outdoor watches come in different styles, frames, colors, and features. In fact, more advanced outdoor watches are created for specific activities such as snow sports, surfing, running, and diving and swimming. No matter what kind of outdoor activity you like to do, there’s an outdoor watch that can support your needs. Below are the types of outdoor watches that you may consider.

  • Outdoor Wrist Watch for Running – Wrist watches for running are perfect for people who want to improve their outdoor running. These wrist watches have features that track your running distance and speed. Keeping track of your running speed and distance will enable you to increase your performance every day. In addition, advanced watches for running feature heart rate tracker and GPS system that allow you to find your way home in the event that you lost out off track while running.
  • Wrist Watch for Mountain Climbing and Hiking – This wrist watch is specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of a mountain climber or mountaineer. Watches for mountaineers feature a GPS system that provides them with directions and whereabouts of certain things and point upland. Mountain climbing watches can also predict the weather and measure sea-level.
  • Swimmers and Divers Watches – The primary feature of swimmers and divers watch is water resistant. This allows you to wear the watch even underwater such as when diving or swimming. They come in a variety of vibrant colors, so they are still visible underwater. In addition, swimmers watches can track time allowing you to determine how long it takes to cross a particular stretch. Swimmers watches are not the same as some of them can be used for a certain deep level of water only, while others can be used even in the bottom of the sea.

You can definitely find good and affordable outdoor wrist watches for men and women in the market. Outdoor watches are widely available with various reputable brands. However, not all sports watches are the same. There are watches specially designed for professional athletes with features like target time pace, hydration, and nutrition alarms.

No matter what kind of outdoor watch you need, it is best if you read reviews about them, before you made your buying decision. You have to take your time in choosing the right outdoor watch to ensure that it will pay you over time. Choosing an outdoor watch stacked with plenty of features is to your advantage as you can get everything out of it. However, it can be to your disadvantage if you don’t need to use these features. You will pay for these features and end up not using them, which is a waste of money.

No matter what kind of outdoor watch you need, it must provide you with comfort. Mountaineers, divers, swimmers, and runners require watches with easy to read time. The watch should have a clear, bright display, so that you can still view time even in low light situations, or under water. An outdoor watch should not drain your pocket. Simply choose the one with the features that you need, and let go of the watches that look good, and have plenty of features that you don’t need as you’re wasting money on them.


Advantages of Outdoor Watch

What should be general characteristics of a good outdoor watch? Rugged scratch and water resistant case, easy-to-read design, luminous hands, and durable strap that can withstand harsh conditions such as sweat, water, salt, dirt.

Reviews of the 5 Best Outdoor Watches

There are overwhelming options for great outdoor watches for men to choose from, which can satisfy even the needs of the most demanding sports enthusiast. An outdoor watch is an important piece of equipment that supports you with your sporting or outdoor activity endeavor instead of just keeping time.
Different well known brands of outdoor watches have great features that can be used over a wide range of outdoor activities. A good watch must be able to withstand extreme conditions during running, kayaking, snowboarding, diving and swimming, and mountain climbing. Below are list of top five outdoor watches available today.

Suunto Core Watch

Suunto Core Crush Altimeter WatchSuunto Core is an award winning outdoor watch that comes in a wide range options in design, functionalities, and robust construction. Combining barometer, compass, and altimeter, this device can help you predict the weather. Suunto Core watch designed to bring out your explorer side.
This watch managed to cover the rigorous needs in time tracking and keeping of a person who is sailing, skiing, hiking, training, diving, or mountaineering. The three simple modes of this outdoor watch not just allow you to track and keep time, but also get the date, alarm, dual times, and even predict the exact time of sunrise and sunset for more than 400 locations.
The barometer and altimeter functions of Suunto Core watch enable you to get altitude logs, weather trend indication, and height difference. The unit is also stacked with other features such as digital thermometer, an easy lance graph, and a storm alarm whenever the pressure drops suddenly.
These features are helpful for an outdoor enthusiast, but the benefits offered by Suunto Core do not stop here. The device features an automatic alti/baro system. This feature allows you to do all of your outdoor activities without the hassle of remember to switch on/off the alti/baro system before you start to climb or to hit the hay. The device also features great display, with on screen symbols next to its buttons.  Suunto Core offers you several models, styles, and designs to choose from. These outdoor watches have a large face and their tough and lightweight construction will support you in all of your rigorous outdoor needs.

Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER Watch

Casio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ERCasio Pro Trek PRW-5000-1ER is the newest addition to PRO Trek series. The watch features 3 analog hands and LCD screen that displays altitude, temperature, compass beating, and atmospheric pressure.  This outdoor watch is driven by a high performance, sling, and radio-controlled powered movement that has 4 important functions, high capacity solar power operation, Multi-Band 6 technology for receiving transmitted time-calibration signals from six stations in the world, auto-hand home position correction, and hybrid mount construction for added shock resistance.
The chronological appearance of watches make them look great when your outdoors as well as works as hard as you when you’re out. By pressing the button for 3 analog hands and LCD screen that displays altitude, temperature, compass beating, and atmospheric pressure you can bring up the data and graphics of the LCD display. Also, the unit has small light that activates when you turn your wrist by 40 degrees to your face.
This watch can withstand extreme weather condition such as high humidity and temperature. During daylight, the unit’s barometer, compass, and altimeter readings are accurate and easy to read. The only drawback of this device is that its LCD display has not enough light for you to read accurate compass, altimeter, and temperature readings during night time.

Suunto Ambit

Suunto Ambit2 S GPS Heart Rate MonitorSuunto Ambit GPS Heart Rate Monitor is great for outdoor enthusiasts looking for an advanced altimeter watch. This is a watch, but it’s extremely different from conventional wrist watches. This is multi-sport watch stacked with multiple grids & datum, GPS system with route navigation, find back, accurate barometric altitude, unique 3D compass, barometer, temperature, and creation and sharing of routes in Movescount.
All of these features are at your fingertips. You can even upgrade theme with thousands of Suunto Apps. The Suunto Ambit series can be upgraded with the apps from its developers. You can even interface the unit to your computer to track your training performance and improvements, share your exploits, or plot your routes for running. Its GPS feature allows you to keep track as well as analyze your recent adventures. In addition, its Heart Rate Monitor act as your personal fitness guide, allowing you to keep track of your heart while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1

Casio Pathfinder PAW2000 Altimeter WatchCasio Pathfinder PAG240-1 is an altimeter watch that is relatively easy to use. It is fully featured and has nicely labelled buttons, and a backlight for an affordable price. The unit is solar powered, so you don’t have to worry about batteries. It can run for as long as six months without getting exposed to sunlight.
The unit is water resistant to 100 m and extremely comfortable to wear. The time and altimeter readings are easy to read at glance.  Its lightweight constructed makes it seamlessly weightless even if you’re tired. The most notable feature of Casio Pathfinder PAG240-1 is the LCD with dual layer, which Casio calls as the ‘duplex’. Also, this watch has bidirectional compass bezels that still work efficiently even when gloved.

Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch

Tissot T-Touch Expert WatchTissot T-Touch Expert Watch is an altimeter watch touch screen user interface. This unit is made with high quality materials and promise to deliver high-technology performance. The unit’s texture black display allows you the clearly see the defined Arabic numeric indexes and hands. The unit’s LCD digital display allows you to see the thermometer, chronograph, alarm, perpetual calendar functions, and barometer.
Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch has high precision systems offerings that have the combination of ease of use and high-tech functionality. You will have access to technology anytime and anywhere you are.
These outdoor watches have the same features and functions that can provide benefits during your outdoor adventure. It’s for you to decide which model can bring you the performance that you need. The prices of these outdoor watches vary, so it’s highly important that you review them to ensure that you will buy the watch with features that you need.